NET Institute

Call for Summer Grants Proposals, 2004

The NET Institute will fund a number of scientific research projects in the areas of network industries, including wired and wireless networks, “virtual networks,” electronic commerce, telecommunications, and the Internet. Proposed research may be either theoretical or empirical, and may also analyze issues of public policy and antitrust. The deadline for proposals is May 25, 2004. Decisions will be announced by June 20, 2004. The expected output of funded research should be available by September 30, 2004.

The topics of research can include theoretical or empirical research on telecommunications, including new technologies such as voice over Internet Protocol (“VOIP”), the Internet and related issues, cable networks and digital convergence, market structure in industries with network effects including wireline and wireless networks, “virtual networks,” financial networks and B2B and B2C exchanges, pricing in the presence of network effects, pure and mixed bundling in markets with network effects, incentives for vertical integration and effects on social welfare in markets with network effects, dynamic competition and pricing in markets with network effects, the choice of technical standards and compatibility, quality and variety competition in the presence of network effects, security and reliability of networks including the Internet, liability issues in networks, and competition policy issues in network industries.  Proposed research need not be limited to the topics above, but has to be in the general area of telecommunications, networks, “virtual networks,” and electronic commerce.

Proposals should include

(i)                  a description of the proposed project, including

            (a)    an executive summary, up to two pages long;

            (b)  a clear description of the objective(s) of the project;

            (c)    a clear description of the expected output of the project;

            (d)   the scientific techniques expected to be used in the proposed project; including models and modeling techniques;

            (e)  an outline of the steps necessary to reach the expected conclusions;

            (f)    an assessment of the likelihood that the research will be accomplished in the time allocated; and 

(ii)             a curriculum vitae of the researcher, indicating


            (a)    relevant previous scientific work; and


            (b)   educational background.



Only proposals submitted electronically will be considered and evaluated. Proposals and all supporting materials can be submitted to in either (i) Acrobat pdf format; or (ii) MS-Word format; or (iii) Rich text file (“rtf”) format.

Each funded proposal will receive up to $15,000 of financial support from the NET Institute. It is expected that successful proposals will receive 1/3 of the awarded funds when the project is approved for funding by the NET Institute and the remaining 2/3 of the funds upon successful completion of the project and delivery of the output of the research.